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Function Synopsis

C = lyngby_xcorr(X, P, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5, arg6)

Help text

 lyngby_xcorr         - Cross correlation/covariance

       function C = lyngby_xcorr(X, P, ...
           'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

       Input:    X           Datamatrix
                 P           Paradigm vector
       Property: Biased      Divide by the number of time steps
                 Components  Number of cross correlation components
                             returned. Should be a 
                             number. By default all components
                             are returned.
                 Type        [ biased | coeff | {none} ]

       Output:   C           Cross correlation

       This function returns the cross correlation or the
       cross-covariance between a matrix X and a vector P.

       The 'Biased' property is redundant in connection with the
       'Type' property.

       See also LYNGBY, LYNGBY_UI_MAIN.

 $Id: lyngby_xcorr.m,v 1.10 2002/05/08 14:25:56 fnielsen Exp $

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