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 lyngby_ui_volume     - View full volume timeserie and specify mask

       function lyngby_ui_volume(command,parameter1) 
       function lyngby_ui_volume 

       This function controls windows for viewing one volume at a
       time before the complete datamatrix is loaded and explore it
       from various viewpoints. There are five different window
       layouts to allow maximum flexibility - choose the one that
       best suits the data and your requirements. 

       In each of the layouts, you have the choice of viewing
       directions: Transversal, coronal, and sagittal. Use the
       appropriate sliders next to each view to walk through the
       slices along that direction. The 3-dimensional view will only
       be shown if there is enough data. 

       The horizontal slider in the Control window determines which
       volume of the full time-volume set (the datamatrix) should be

       'Define ROI' will enable the ROI_VOXELS mask. The values for
       the mask can be set in the edit fields. 


 $Id: lyngby_ui_volume.m,v 1.28 2002/03/04 16:23:59 fnielsen Exp $

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