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Function Synopsis

lyngby_ui_view_lzgs(arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5, ...

Help text

 lyngby_ui_view_lzgs  - Viewing Lange Zeger grid search results

	function lyngby_ui_view_lzgs(PropertyName, ProbertyValue)

       Input: PropertyName:
                  Type        [ {Time} | Error | Error, abs | Filter
                              | Histogram of data | Histogram of
                              error | Histogram of error, bell ] 
                              Type of plot
                  Voxel       Voxel to be plotted
                  Index       2 element with start and stop time index
                  Amplitude   [ {free} | keep ]
                  Value       Value used in title

       'Time' type will plot the convoluted signal, 'Error' is the
       difference between the data (XN) and the convoluted signal. 
       'Filter' type will plot the kernel of the Lange-Zeger model. 
       The value associated with 'Voxel' indices in the datamatrix.
       XN, PN, and RESULT_LZGS is used in the plotting.

       See also: lyngby_ui_view, lyngby_lzit_main, lyngby_ui_global

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