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Function Synopsis

lyngby_ui_view(arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, arg5, arg6, arg7, ...

Help text

 lyngby_ui_view       - User interface for viewing results

       function lyngby_ui_view(command,parameter1)
       function lyngby_ui_view(Volumes, String, ...
                   'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

       Input:    Volumes       Result volumes
                 Strings       String describing the result volumes

       Property: Callback      Function used as callback for the
                               right figure
                 CallbackType  String describing the types of
                               plot on the right figure
                 Title         Title on the figure

       This function controls the display of the analysis
       results. Three windows are opened: The volume data is in the
       left window, the time dependent data in the right, and the
       controls in the lower window. Clicking on a voxel
       in the left window updates the information in the right
       window. Press the lower right button, ''More..'', to EXPAND
       the window and show controls for additional layers.

       The function also enables saving of volumes and time
       series. When ANALYZE volumes are written the ORIGIN global
       variable is used. 

       The user will usually call the function by pressing a button
       in the main Lyngby window. However, if the function is called
       directly the number of rows in 'Volumes' should be the same as the
       of descriptions in 'String'. The descriptions in 'Strings'
       should be separated by a vertical bar: '|'.        

       Button description in the control window:
         Row 4: Defines the contour overlay and background display.
           Contour Overlay:-
             * Button 1: Toggles the Contour Overlay on/off.
             * Button 2: Data to be used for the Contour overlay.
             * Button 3: Specifies what each datapoint represents.
           Background layer (usually an anatomical slice):-
             * Button 1: Toggles the Background layer on/off.
             * Button 2: Data to be used for the Background layer.
             * Button 3: Specifies what each datapoint represents.;
         Row 3: Masking Layer. Defines the mask which is then applied to the data.
             * Button 1: Data to be used to define the mask.
             * Button 2: Specifies the function applied to the mask data.
             * Button 3: The masking threshold.
             * Button 4: Slider defining the masking threshold.
             * Button 5: Specifies masking threshold as fractional or absolute
         Row 2: Data Layer. This defines how the main data is displayed.
             * Button 1: The data source.
             * Button 2: Specifies the direction of depth collapsing (3D data only)
             * Button 3: Slice control (for 3D datasets).
             * Button 4: Specifies what each datapoint represents. 
             * Button 5: The colourmap used for the dataset.
             * Button 6: Toggle control for the colourbar in the volume window.
         Row 1: Time Layer and System layers.
           Time Layer. Defines how the time-dependent data is displayed:-
             * Button 1: The data source.
             * Button 2: Time axis scaling/zooming control.
             * Button 3: Axis control.
             * Button 4: Slider to scroll along the time axis.
           System Layer. General control buttons:-
             * Button 1: Close all three result view windows.
             * Button 2: Display this window.
             * Button 3: Toggle the control window between 2 and 4 layers.

       Example (with a direct call):
         lyngby_ui_view([X_MEAN ; X_STD], 'Mean|Std', ...
            'Callback', 'lyngby_ui_view_fir', ...
            'CallbackType', 'Time|Filter');


 $Id: lyngby_ui_view.m,v 1.46 2002/12/18 00:12:50 fnielsen Exp $

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