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 lyngby_ui_loadfile - Opens a window for specifying file parameters

       function lyngby_ui_loadfile(command,parameter1)

       This function controls the user interface for the setup of 
       the file loading parameters. The function is automatically
       called when the user presses the 'Load new data ...' button in
       the main window. The actual load is handle by lyngby_getdata
       and the functions that lyngby_getdata uses.

       The window is used to specify which data files to load and how
       they are to be read. It also defines how the data is
       associated with masks to remove transient scans, non-brain
       voxels and specification of a region of interest. 

       The initial settings of this window are as defined in the
       'data_init.m' file that you may have written to be kept
       alongside your dataset. This could then be used to
       pre-configure your load options, so that you only need to
       press the 'Load' button to start loading your data. Entries in
       this window (and hence also in the data_init.m file) will take
       precedence over the header files. If you want to re-read
       the data_init.m file at any point, select 'Re-read Defaults'
       from the pull-down Options menu.

       Use the top-left pane to select the data files and the correct
       loading format. Then you can use the 'Try to setup' button
       to attempt a probe of the header files for the chosen
       format. Make any alterations to the required fields, and then
       press the 'Apply' button to fix the changes. The entries in
       the fields in this window will take precedence over the header
       fields, allowing you to correct for corrupted headers. Then
       use the lower right-hand pane to define the external masks on
       the data. Once this has been done, press the 'Load Data'
       button at the bottom, and the window will close and the data
       will start to be loaded, with the progress displayed in the
       status line of the main window.


 $Id: lyngby_ui_loadfile.m,v 1.50 2004/03/08 11:59:36 fnielsen Exp $

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