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 lyngby_ui_global     - Defines global for the user interface


       Global: X		  Datamatrix
               P		  Paradigm
               XN		  Normalized datamatrix
               PN		  Normalized Paradigm
               X_MEAN		  Mean of datamatrix (an image)
               X_STD		  Standard deviation of datamatrix
               X_SEQMEAN         Sequence mean of data matrix (a
               X_SEQSTD          Sequence stadard deviation of data
                                 matrix (a sequence)
               RESULT_BAT        Result from Barbak's t-test
               RESULT_BAF        Result from Barbak's f-test
               RESULT_BAF2       Result from Barbak's f-test with nuisance 
                                 signal estimation
               RESULT_CC	  Result from the cross-correlation analysis
               RESULT_FIR	  Result from the FIR filter analysis
               RESULT_FIR_CONV   Convolution of the FIR result
               RESULT_EFIR       Filter coefficients of Exhaustive
               RESULT_EFIR_ORDER Filter order for each voxel in Exhaustive FIR
               RESULT_EFIR_CONV  Convolution of the Exhautive FIR
               RESULT_KM	  Result from the K-means analysis
               RESULT_KS         Result from Kolmogorov Smirnov test
               PROB_KS           Probability map from Kolmogorov Smirnov test
               RESULT_LZ	  Result from the Lange-Zeger analysis
               RESULT_LZGS	  Result from the Lange-Zeger analysis (direct
               RESULT_LZIT	  Result from the Lange-Zeger analysis
		                  (iterative parameter estimation)
               RESULT_NNR_E      Neural network regression, error
               RESULT_NNR_Y      Neural network regression,
               RESULT_NNS        Neural network saliency map
               RESULT_NNS_S1     neural network saliency first order map
               RESULT_NNS_PRED   Neural network prediction
               RESULT_NNS_V      Neural network saliency - Input weights
               RESULT_NNS_W      Neural network saliency - Output weights
               RESULT_NNS_E      Neural network saliency - Error
               RESULT_POIS_AMPL  Poisson filter - Amplitude of kernel
               RESULT_POIS_POISSON   Poisson filter - Poisson parameter
               RESULT_TS         Result from ordinary t-test
               RESULT_SCVA_U     Strother CVA canonicsequences
               RESULT_SCVA_S     Strother CVA canonicvalues
               RESULT_SCVA_V     Strother CVA canonicimages
               RESULT_SOP_U      Strother OPLS canonicsequences
               RESULT_SOP_S      Strother OPLS canonicvalues
               RESULT_SOP_V      Strother OPLS canonicimages
               PROB_TS           Probability map ordinary t-test
               PROB_BAT          Probability map Ardekani t-test
               PROB_BAF          Probability map Ardekani F-test
               PROB_BAF2         Probability map Ardekani F-test with
                                 nuisance signal estimation

               PP_LDT_TREND_N    Preprocessing variable - 
                                 Linear Detrending - the removed trends
               PP_LDT_RUN        Preprocessing variable - 
                                 Linear Detrending - run variable 
                                 (may have been altered for plotting)
               PP_LDT_XN_pre_LDT Preprocessing variable - Linear
                                 Detrending - XN before the data was
                                 detrended, then centered for

       See also: LYNGBY, LYNGBY_UI_MAIN.

 $Id: lyngby_ui_global.m,v 1.46 2002/04/22 16:22:59 fnielsen Exp $

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