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 lyngby_ui_fir_init   - User interface for FIR filter analysis

       function lyngby_ui_fir_init(command,parameter1)
       function lyngby_ui_fir_init

       This function controls the FIR initialization window.
       The window allows you to choose the parameters used for the
       estimation of the FIR filter: 
       - Filter order: This is the the number of parameters or lags
         in the linear convolution filter.
       - Regularization method: Whether to use a principal component
         regression (PCR) or ridge regularization (Ridge). 
       - Regularization parameter: This is the weight used in the
         estimation of parameters (Only determined from the
         paradigm). Use the 'Show singular values' button to get an
         idea of the proper setting. 
       - Principal components: The number of principal components to
         use in PCR. 
       - Convolution type: The 'Skip' option means that the first
         Filter-Length of data points will be disregarded. 'ZeroPad'
         will pad with zeros at the beginning of the paradigm. 'Wrap'
         will make the paradigm circular, where the last time points of
         the paradigm will be move to the front.


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 $Id: lyngby_ui_fir_init.m,v 1.27 2001/06/06 18:38:54 fnielsen Exp $ 

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