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Function Synopsis

varargout = buttonProcessDesign(h, hg)

Help text

 lyngby_ui_externals  - Window for editing/creating external

       function lyngby_ui_externals(command,parameter1)
       function lyngby_ui_externals

       This function controls the graphical user interface for the
       initialization/setup of external influences on the data.
       It is called from the main window by pressing the button
       in the 'External Influences' panel. It then allows
       creation and editing of the run and paradigm functions.

       Press '... Edit Paradigm ...'' to define the PARADIGM global
       variable. This is used to define the time-based correlation
       with the experimental stimulus

       Press '... Edit Run ...' to define the RUN global
       variable. This is used to specify, in time, the seperate
       experiment trials.

       "Setup design!" will apply the time mask defined in the global
       variable TIME_MASK to the data. This will define the "P" and
       the "R" global variables. 

       "Process design!" will extract the mean of the paradigm
       function. After this the "PN" global variable is defined. 


 $Id: lyngby_ui_externals.m,v 1.2 2000/05/08 14:12:58 fnielsen

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