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Function Synopsis

[p, t, df] = pttest(d1, d2)

Help text

 lyngby_ts_pttest	- Student's paired t-test.

       LYNGBY_TS_PTTEST(X1, X2) gives the probability that Student's t
       calculated on paired data X1 and X2 is higher than
       observed, i.e. the "significance" level. This is used
       to test whether two paired samples have significantly
       different means.
       [P, T] = LYNGBY_TS_PTTEST(X1, X2) gives this probability P and the
       value of Student's t in T. The smaller P is, the more
       significant the difference between the means.
       E.g. if P = 0.05 or 0.01, it is very likely that the
       two sets are sampled from distributions with different

       This works for PAIRED SAMPLES, i.e. when elements of X1
       and X2 correspond one-on-one somehow.
       E.g. residuals of two models on the same data.

See also: TTEST, UTTEST.

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