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Function Synopsis

[indexones,indexzeros] = lyngby_splitonnoff(Pa,edgedrop)

Help text

 lyngby_splitonnoff   - Function to find the indices of the on/off scans.

       function [indexones,indexzeros] = lyngby_splitonnoff(Pa,edgedrop)

       Input:  Pa         The paradigm
               edgedrop   Scans to discard at the shifts of activation

       Output: indexones   Indices to 'on' scans 
               indexzeros  Indices 'off' Scans
       This function will return the indices of the scans that are
       on/off - here assumed to threshold at 0 (normally binary
       activation so no problem). The paradigm Pa will have its mean
       subtracted by the function. The parameter EDGEDROP will drop
       EDGEDROP scans at any change from on to off and likewise from
       an off to an on condition.

       Assumes base scans is first.

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