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Function Synopsis

[U,S,V] = lyngby_scva_main(X, R, arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4, ...

Help text

 lyngby_scva_main     - Strother Canonical variate analysis

	function [U,S,V] = lyngby_scva_main(X, R,
	    'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

       Input:  X   The datamatrix
               R   The run structure
                  'RidgeX'     { 0 } Canonical ridge parameter for X
                  'RidgeY'     { 0 } Canonical ridge parameter for Y
                  'Components' Number of canonicvalues maintained
                  'SubsetComp' { size(X,2) } Number of subset
                               component, ie, SVD components piped to
                  'Paradigm'   The paradigm
                  'InitSVD'    { 1 (true) | 0 } Perform initial SVD on
                               a rank-deficient X matrix. 

       Output: U   Canonic sequences
               S   Canonic values
               V   Canonic images

       This function performs canonical variate analysis (also called
       canonical correlation analysis) with the Strother design
       matrix. If the ridge parameters are defined and different from
       zero the analysis is canonical ridge analysis.

       Ref: Mardia, Multivariate Analysis

       See also: lyngby_cva, lyngby_svd, lyngby_sdesign

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