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Function Synopsis

[Runs, ScansPerRun] = lyngby_runinfo(Run)

Help text

 lyngby_runinfo       - Number of runs and scans within runs

       function [Runs, ScansPerRun] = lyngby_runinfo(Run)

       Input:  Run           (Optional) Run definition. If it is not
                             defined 'R' from lyngby_ui_global will
                             be used. 

       Output: Runs          Number of runs
               ScansPerRun   Number of scans per run. If there are
                             different number of scans per run this
                             will be a vector.

       If there is no run defined then Runs = 1 will be returned, and
       ScansPerRun will be sat to the size of P or X.

       See also: lyngby_ui_global, lyngby_run

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