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Function Synopsis

X = lyngby_readxpivol(filename, siz, datatype, arg1, arg2, ...

Help text

 lyngby_readxpivol    - Read data from EC flexible (Xprime) format
       function X = lyngby_readxpivol(filename, siz, datatype,
           'PropertyName', PropertyValue);

       Input:  filename  With or without extension (.xpi)
               siz       4 element vector
               datatype  The type read by lyngby_readxpihdr
                   'TimeMask'  { 1 } Within-file time mask 

       Output: X         Datamatrix 

       Complex numbers cannot be read. Reads the data as big-endian.
       Assumes that the data stored as siz(4) frames with the size of
       siz(1) by siz(2). 

       See also: lyngby_readxpihdr

Cross-Reference Information

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