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Function Synopsis

[siz, vdim, datatype] = lyngby_readanahdr(file);

Help text

 lyngby_readanahdr    - Reads an ANALYZE header

       function [siz, vdim, datatype] = lyngby_readanahdr(file);

       Input:  file        Filename, with or without the '.img' of
                          '.hdr' extension

       Output: siz         Dimensions of volume (number of voxels)
               vdim        Physical size of a voxel in meter
               datatype    String with precision. String is
                           compatible with fread, e.g., 'uchar'

       This function returns some of the information contained in the
       '.hdr' file of the ANALYZE volume file format. This
       information can be used to read the actual volume data with

       The "regular" field is checked for the values 114 OR 0.

       Ref: Roger Woods AIR-program "src/HEADER.h"

       See also: lyngby_read_volume, lyngby_readanavol, fread

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