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Function Synopsis

O = lyngby_read_volumes(filenames, varargin)

Help text

 lyngby_read_volumes   - Reads volumes from files

	function O = lyngby_read_volumes(filename)

	Input:    filename  Filenames as a cellstring

       Property: Output       [ {mat} ]
                 FilenameMask Filename for a file used as mask 
                 VolMask      'Vol' structure with voxel mask

	Output:   O            Output, eg, a 'mat' structure

       Reads a number of ANALYZE files. The volumes are returned in
       the 'matrix' field of a 'mat' structure with each row
       corresponding to a volume and each column corresponding to the
       time-series of a voxel. 

       The voxel mask that is setup with the 'FilenameMask' and
       'VolMask' property discards the voxels that a zero or NaN. If
       the 'VolMask' is empty then all voxels will be loaded.

 $Id: lyngby_read_volumes.m,v 1.3 2004/03/08 21:27:16 fnielsen Exp $ 

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