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Function Synopsis

Output = lyngby_read_vapet4d(filename, arg1, arg2, arg3, ...

Help text

 lyngby_read_vapet4d  - Read a 4D VAPET file 

	function Output = lyngby_read_vapet4d(filename,
	   'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue');

	Input:	filename      Filename
       Input:  filename    Filename, with or without the '.img' of
                           '.hdr' extension
                 Output    [ {Volume} | Datatype | Size | Scans |
                           VoxelDim | VoxelMask ] 
                 Size      Volume dimension. 
                 Scans     Number of scans
                 Datatype  String with precision, for example 'uint16'
                           or 'float32'. 
                 VolumeIndex    {1}
                 FilenameIndex  {1}
                 Ordering    [ {xyz} | xzy | yxz | yzx | zxy | zyx ]
                 Orientation [ lrpais | {lrapsi} | lrapis | ... ]
       Output: Output	    Output according to 'Output' argument in 
                           the input

       This function read VAPET 4-dimensional files. 

       See also: lyngby_read_vapet, lyngby_write_vapet,

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