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Function Synopsis

XN = lyngby_prep_detrend(X, varargin)

Help text

 lyngby_prep_detrend  - Detrending

       function XN = lyngby_prep_detrend(X, 'PropertyName',

       Input:    X      Input data matrix

       Property: Index  The indices (scans/objects) used in the
                        estimation of the detrending parameters. By
                        default all data is used. 
                 Order  [ {1} | integer ] Order of the
                        detrending. '1' is first order linear
                 Run    Run structure. By default one run across the
                        entire data set is assumed.

       Output:   XN     Output preprocessed (detrended) data matrix.

       Perform detrending. The detrending is performed independently
       for each run (provided that the 'Run' property is set) and the
       estimation of the detrending parameters can be confined to
       some of the data indicated with the 'Index' property.

       Ref: Goutte et al, "Feature-space clustering for fMRI
            meta-analysis", Human Brain Mapping, 13(3):165-183.


 $Id: lyngby_prep_detrend.m,v 1.3 2003/01/30 13:27:25 fnielsen Exp $

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