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Function Synopsis

[Ampl, Poisson] = lyngby_pois_main(x, T, arg1, arg2, arg3, ...

Help text

 lyngby_pois_main     - Main function for Possion filter

      function [Ampl, Poisson] = lyngby_pois_main(x, T,
          'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

      Input:    s            Input to the linear system
                T            Target output to the linear system

      Property: KernelWidth  [ {20} | integer ] Width of
                             kernel. Should be at least twice the
                             poisson parameter 
                ConvType     [ {Skip} | Zeropad | Extend | Wrap ]
                             Convolution type, ie., what should
                             be done with the first samples as
                             they cannot be fully predicted due
                             to the kernel width.
                SpatialType  [ {Voxel} | Global ] If the
                             spatialType is 'voxel' then the
                             poisson parameter and the amplitude
                             will be computed individually for
                             each voxel. If it is 'Global' then
                             the poisson parameter will be the
                             same for all voxels.

      Output:   Ampl         Amplitude of kernel
                Poisson      Poisson parameter

      Main function for linear system identification with a Poisson
      kernel optimized in the time domain.


 $Id: lyngby_pois_main.m,v 1.6 2003/05/23 09:43:20 fnielsen Exp $

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