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Function Synopsis

[E, EY] = lyngby_pois_error(T, Y)	

Help text

 lyngby_pois_error    - Poisson residual signal (Quadratic error)

	function function [E, EY] = lyngby_pois_error(T, Y)	

	Input:	T    Target output
		Y    Poisson filter prediction

	Output:	EY   Error matrix for output units (T-Y)
		E    Qudratic error, normalized for the number of

       The function computes this:   1/(Np) * (sum( (T-Y).^2 ))

       If T has more rows than Y it will only use the last samples of
       T in the subtraction with Y, ie., it will assume that the
       first samples are not forwarded with lyngby_pois_forward.

       T and Y can be vectors or matrices.

       See also: lyngby_pois_main, lyngby_pois_forward

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