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Function Synopsis

[XN, meanImage, stdImage, meanSeq,stdSeq] = ...

Help text

 lyngby_normalize     - Normalize (Preprocess) a datamatrix

       function [XN, meanImage, stdImage, meanSeq, stdSeq] =     
                    lyngby_normalize(X, PropertyName, PropertyValue);

       Input:    X   Datamatrix. 
       Property: Centering       [ 0 | {1} ] Extract the sequence
                                 mean. This will give a mean image
                 RunCentering    [ {0} | 1 ] Extract the mean within
                                 each run
                 Run             Run specification
                 ImageCentering  [ {0} | 1 ] Extract the image
                                 mean. This will give the mean sequence
                 Normalization   [ {0} | 1 ] Divide by the standard
       Output:   XN         Output matrix
                 meanImage  Mean values in each voxel
                 stdImage   Standard deviation in each voxel
                 meanSeq    Mean sequence
                 stdSeq     Standard deviation in each image

       The function performs centering (extract the mean) for a
       datamatrix. This can either be done on the whole data set
       ('Centering') or for each run separately ('RunCentering').
       The mean of each image can also be extracted with

       The data can be adjusted to common range by dividing by the
       standard deviation. The standard diviation (stdImage and
       stdSeq) is computed by normalizing with N rather than N-1.


 $Id: lyngby_normalize.m,v 1.24 2002/04/22 09:54:32 fnielsen Exp $

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