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Function Synopsis

[VMask,WMask] = lyngby_nn_epruneobd(X, T, V, W, Reg, arg1, ...

Help text

 lyngby_nn_epruneobd  - Pruning by Optimal Brain Damage (entropic)

	function [VMask,WMask] = lyngby_nn_epruneobd(X, T, V, W, Reg,
           'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

	Input:	X      The datamatrix
               T      Target
               V      Input weights
               W      Output weights
               Reg    Regularization
                  'DeleteFraction'   {0.05} Fraction to delete 
                                     of remaining weights

	Output:	VMask   Mask for input weights. Deleted weight is
                       zero, else one
               WMask   Mask for output weights.

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