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Function Synopsis

[E, Y, VOut, WOut] = lyngby_nn_ctrain(X, T, VOld, WOld, Reg, ...

Help text

 lyngby_nn_ctrain     - Classifier neural network training 

	function [E, Y, VOut, WOut] = lyngby_nn_ctrain(X, T, VOld, ...
	          WOld, Reg, 'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

	Input:	X       Neural network input
               T       Target output 
		VOld    Old input weights
		WOld    Old output weights
               Reg     Regularization (weight decay)
                 MaxIteration  {200} Iteration stop criterion
                 MinCost       {0} Iteration stop criterion
                 MinGradient   {10^(-7)} Iteration stop criterion
                 Method        Optimization type
                 WeightAcc     [ {off} | on ] Accumulate weights
                 Info          [ {0} | 1 ] Reporting of
                               costfunction and gradient. Zero
                               means off

	Output:	E	Entropic error (cost without regularization)
		Y	Computed Outputs
		WOut	New trained output weights or accumulated
		        weights (depending on 'WeightAcc')
		VOut	New trained hidden weights or accumulated
		        weights (depending on 'WeightAcc') 

       This function trains a neural network, either pruned or fully
       connected. It will continue until one of the stop criterions
       are meet: maxIteration is the number of epochs (optimization
       steps), minCost is the highest acceptable value for the cost
       function, minGradient is the hightest acceptable value for the
       norm of the gradient.

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