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Function Synopsis

[CNew, VNew,WNew, succes, DV, DW] = lyngby_nn_csoftline(X, T, VOld, ...

Help text

 lyngby_nn_csoftline  - Classifier neural network soft linesearch

	function [CNew, WNew,VNew, succes, DV, DW] =
	    lyngby_nn_csoftline( ...
           X, T, VOld, WOld, Reg, DV, DW, COld, maxIter)

       Input:  X         Input
               T         Target output
               VOld      Old input weights
               WOld      Old output weights
               Reg       Regularization
               DV        Step for input weights
               DW        Step for output weights
               COld      Old value of costfunction
               maxIter   Maximal number of iterations

       Output: CNew      New value for cost function
               VNew      New input weights
               WNew      New output weights
               succes    0 if unsuccesfull otherwise returning the
                         number of iterations
               DV        Step taken for input weights
               DW        Step taken for output weights

       This function will make a soft linesearch until a decrease in
       cost is found or the maximal number of iterations is reached.

       See also: lyngby_nn_ctrain

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