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Function Synopsis

[U,S,V,mean_pic] = lyngby_msvd_main(DATA, arg1, arg2, arg3, ...

Help text

 lyngby_msvd_main  - Perform meta svd comparison of selected models.

   function [Y] = lyngby_msvd_main(DATA,'PropertyName',PropertyValue)

   DATA contains the ''picture'' from each model in the rows. 

  PropertyNames   PropertyValue
   'Strength'     0 or 1 comparison of strength. 
   'Delay'        0 or 1 comparison of delay.
   'Histeq'       0 or 1 Using histogram equalization.
   'Bins'         {256} Number of bins used in the histogram equal.
   'Reference'    [] or datavector (row) from a model Which model 
   used for histogram equalization  no models means a uniform 
   'Trunc'        0 or 1 using abs for making positive values. 

   [U,S,V] = svd(DATA',0); (economy size)

   U contains the eigenpictures. 
   S contains the eigenvalues.   
   V contains the projections.
   mean_pic is the mean delay or mean strength for the selected models.

   if DATA = []
   Choose a reference (number) press enter
   Then choose the models for comparison like this ['1','2','3','4']

   Default values:
   strength = 0;
   delay = 0;
   histeq = 0;
   bins = 256;
   reference = [];
   trunc = 0;

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