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Function Synopsis

Y = lyngby_lzit_pickf(X,arg);

Help text

 lyngby_lzit_pickf	- Pick frequencies out from the data matrix

	function Y = lyngby_lzit_pickf(X,n);
	function Y = lyngby_lzit_pickf(X,FP);

	Input:	X	A matrix
		n	Number of periodes of the paradigm (scalar)
		FP	The fourier transformed paradigm (vector)
	Output:	Y	The output matrix

	If the paradigm have fourier components that are zero
	at certain frequencies these might be discarded. 
	<n> can only be used if the paradigmfrequency is a even number 
	of the run/session.
	Using <FP> the frequency components with amplitude smaller than
	1000 x eps will be discarded. 

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