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Function Synopsis

ftLambda = lyngby_lzit_ftlamb(arg1, arg2, arg3, arg4);

Help text

 lyngby_lzit_ftlamb   - Lange-Zeger, Fourier transformed of lambda

	function ftLambda = lyngby_lzit_ftlamb(T,n,theta1,theta2);
	function ftLambda = lyngby_lzit_ftlamb(Theta1,Theta2, Freq);

	Input:	T		Number of scans
		n		Paradigm periodes
		theta1,theta2	Lambda function parameters
		Theta1,Theta2	Lambda function parameters (row vectors)
		Freq		Frequency components (column vector)
	Output:	ftLambda	The fourier transformed of the lambda function

	Lambda is the kernel function.
	Using a different sign than the expression in the article does.
	(1+jw/theta1)^(-theta2) is with F(w) = sum( f(t)e^(-jwt) )
	This is also the matlab standard with the fft function.

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