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Function Synopsis

Theta = lyngby_lzgs_main(P, X,...

Help text

 lyngby_lzgs_main     - Lange-Zeger model with grid search

       function Theta = lyngby_lzgs_main(P, X,...
          'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

       Input:    P          The paradigm
                 X          The datamatrix 
       Property: MinTheta1  Min minimum value of theta1 
                 MaxTheta1  Min maximum value of theta1 
                 NumTheta1  Number of theta1 value in the search
                 MinSlope   Min minimum value of slope in the search
                 MaxSlope   Min maximum value of slope in the search
                 NumSlope   Number of theta1 slope in the search
                 Reg        Regularization weight on the value of the
                            excitation Beta
                 Zoom       How many times should the search be
                            refined using a small search window
                            around the optimal point using the same
                            number of samples again.

       Output: Theta        The result from the Lange-Zeger model
                            with the order [ Beta : Theta1 ; Theta2 ]

       Main function for Lange Zeger model using penalized grid
       search of parameters: The search is made in theta1 and slope,
       where slope = (theta1-1)/theta2


 $Id: lyngby_lzgs_main.m,v 1.4 2003/04/28 15:22:19 fnielsen Exp $

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