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Function Synopsis

[Centers, Assign, Within, Property] = lyngby_ikm_main(X, ...

Help text

 lyngby_ikm_main      - Iterative K-means clustering  

       function [Center, Assign, Within, Prop] = lyngby_ikm_main(X,
           'PropertyName', 'PropertyValue')

       Input:    X   Datamatrix, size: examples x variables. ie. if 
                     voxels are to be clustered the datamatrix should
                     be (voxels x time). 

       Property: Type             [ median | {mean} ]
                 Standardization  [ {None} | Std | Range ] Determines 
                                  the individual standardization
                                  (normalization) of the variables (the
                                  columns in the datamatrix. 'Std' will
                                  standardize with the standard
                                  deviation, 'Range' with the
                                  difference max-min  
                 Clusters         List of clusters {1:5}
                 Runs             [ {1} | Integer ] Number of runs 
                 Init             [ ReverseLog | Linear |
                                  UpperLinear | {Random} ] Initial
                                  cluster centers determination. 
                                  The variables are sorted according
                                  to max of xcorr or std of variables
                                  and the initial centers are chosen
                                  from this list 
                 DecayRate        Convergence control parameter, 
                                  {0} < DecayRate <= 1. Determines
                                  how the clustering center converge.
                 Iterations       [ {20} | Integer ] Number of iterations 
                 Variable         [ {time} | xcorr ] Clustering with Cross
                                  correlation or time   
                 Paradigm         Paradigm, the vector that is used in the
                                  cross-correlation with the
                                  datamatrix. This variable needs to be
                                  defined if the 'Variable' is 'xcorr'
                 Components       [ {40} | Integer ] Number of
                                  cross-correlation components in the
                                  analysis. Not used if 'Variabel' is set
                                  to 'time'. Will max be set to the number
                                  of columns in X 
                 PositionWeight   Smoothing of the clustering. Weight for
                                  the proximity part of the error function

       Output:   Center     Cluster center matrix, size: cluster x variables
                 Assign     Assignment vector for the all objects
                 Within     Trace of Within matrix cluster x runs  
                 Property   Properties

       "Iterative K-means" iterate over a list of number of clusters
       each time calling lyngby_km_main. The intra-cluster variance
       is calculate for each configuration. 

                LYNGBY_IKM_PLOT_W, LYNGBY_IKM_BIC.   

 $Id: lyngby_ikm_main.m,v 1.5 2003/02/05 18:53:27 fnielsen Exp $ 

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