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Function Synopsis

x = lyngby_idf_f(P, r1, r2)

Help text

 lyngby_idf_f         - Inverse cumulative F distribution.
      function x =  lyngby_idf_f(P, r1, r2);

      Input:  p    The requested probability P(T<p) where F
                   is F-distributed with ...
              r1   Degrees of freedom in the nominator.
              r2   Degrees of freedom in the denominator.

      Output: x  The corresponding value if F.

      This function will return the inverse of the cumulative
      Fisher's F probability distribution. 

      Note that this function is NOT vectorized !

      See also: lyngby_cdf_f, lyngby_pdf_f, lyngby_idf_t,

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