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Function Synopsis

[Y] = lyngby_histeq(X, varargin)

Help text

 lyngby_histeq	       - Perform histogram equalization

       function [Y] = lyngby_histeq(X, 'PropertyName', PropertyValue)

       Input:	  X         Column vector to be histogram equalized

       Property: Bins      {256} Number of bins 
                 Reference { not defined } Vector which histogram
                           should be used as a reference for the

       Output:	  Y         The equalized vector

       Without the 'Reference' vector the histogram equalization will be
       'Tied ranks' cannot be handle proberly: if two or values are
       the same the sorting will be ambigouos.

       See also LYNGBY.

 $Id: lyngby_histeq.m,v 1.4 2002/03/12 02:01:02 fnielsen Exp $

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