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 lyngby_global        - File defining global variables


       Global: DATATYPE	Datatype of values in the volume files
               DISCRIM_TMASK   Sparse time masking matrix. Used for
                               discrimination analyses
               FILE_READING_TYPE  Either a number or a string
                               denoting the kind of volume file, eg,
                               'analyze' (new style), ANALYZE=1 (old
                               style), CUSTOM=2, RAW=2
               FILENAME_PATH	     Path to file
               FILENAME_PATTERN     String with the filename pattern
                                    example: 'volume%02d'
                                    Not necessary if CUSTOM_FILEREADING
               FILENAME_STARTINDEX  Start index 
               NUM_SCANS       Total number of scans
               NUM_VOXELS      3x1 vector with the number
                               of voxels in each direction
               OFFSET          Offset for the values in the volume
               ORDERING        'xyz', 'yxz', ...
               ORIENTATION     ['lr', 'pa', 'is']
               ORIGIN          Vector denoting the centervoxel
                               (anterior commisure) indexed from one 
               ROI_VOXELS	3x2 vector with begin and end
                               voxel number, indexed from one.
                               if [] then NUM_VOXELS should be used
               SCALE           Scale for the values in the volume files
               TIME_MASK       Sparse masking matrix
                               Size (Masked x Full)
               VOXEL_MASK      Sparse masking matrix to be applied 
                               on the ROI Volume, Size (Full x Masked)
               HDR_ENDIAN      Endian of the header file (if present)
                                 e.g. for Analyze files
               DATA_ENDIAN     Endian of the data file(s)

       This script makes a number of variables global in scope.


 $Id: lyngby_global.m,v 1.14 2002/07/30 14:25:45 fnielsen Exp $

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