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Function Synopsis

[siz, vdim, name, datatype] = lyngby_getinfo(index);

Help text

 lyngby_getinfo       - Get volume info from a file

       function [siz, vdim, name, datatype] = lyngby_getinfo(index);

       Input:  index      Volume index, indexed from one

       Output: siz        Number of voxels in each dimension
               vdim       Size of a single voxel, in cm's
               name       A name for the data
               datatype   Fread style type specifying string (optional!)

       Tries to get the size, voxel dim, and data type information
       from the file 
       This information may be obtained by reading the header, if
       standard or custom data formats are selected. For raw data
       format, only the byte size of the file can be reported (in siz)

       For the custom file format, the user should supply a function


       defined as 
         function [siz, vdim, name, datatype] = data_readinfo(index)


 $Id: lyngby_getinfo.m,v 1.9 2002/03/21 13:51:08 fnielsen Exp $ 

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