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Function Synopsis

X = lyngby_getdata(ROI, voxelMask, timeMask);

Help text

 lyngby_getdata       - Returns the masked datamatrix

       function X = lyngby_getdata(ROI, voxelMask, timeMask);

       Input:  ROI        (Optional) Region of Interests, 3x2 matrix
               voxelMask  (Optional) Sparse masking matrix
               timeMask   (Optional) Sparse masking matrix
       Output: X  The datamatrix

       This function loads the datamatrix. The voxel is in the
       horizontale direction (as columns) and the time is in the
       vertical direction (as rows).
       To save memory a 'Region of Interest' can be specified, 
       and further a voxel or/and a time mask can be specified. 
       If the input arguments are missing TIME_MASK, VOXEL_MASK and
       ROI_VOXELS are used.

       Which volumes is loaded is determined by global variables and
       through calls to consecutive calls lyngby_getvolume (for each


 $Id: lyngby_getdata.m,v 1.11 2002/05/19 22:27:00 fnielsen Exp $

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