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Function Synopsis

M = lyngby_fir_masscent(result_fir, arg1);

Help text

 lyngby_masscenter	- Returns the masscenter of the FIR kernel

	function M = lyngby_fir_masscent(result_fir, type);
	function M = lyngby_fir_masscent(result_fir);

	Input:	result_fir	Result from the FIR analysis
		type		[ {none} | absabs | abs | discard ] 
		                Type of mass center 

	Output:	M		mass center

	The FIR coefficients can be negative. The 'type' controls
	how these negative coefficients should be treated.
		M = sum(|n*h(n)|) / sum(|h(n)|)
	The 'absabs' is the upper formula. 
	With 'abs' the nominator || function is discarded. 
	With 'none' no absolute value is taken. This is the default
	With 'discard' the negative numbers are put to zero.
	The weights are index from 0.


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