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Function Synopsis

Y = lyngby_fir_convolve(x, Param)

Help text

 lyngby_fir_convolve  - Convolve the FIR kernel with the input

       function Y = lyngby_fir_convolve(X, Param)

       Input:  x       The input (usually the paradigm), 
               Param   FIR kernel coefficients

       Output: Y       Convolved output (time domain)

       This functions convolve the input in x with the FIR kernel in
       Param. The 'conv' function is used for this.

       See also LYNGBY, LYNGBY_FIR_MAIN. 

 $Id: lyngby_fir_convolve.m,v 1.10 2001/06/06 18:39:34 fnielsen Exp $

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