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brede_bm_url - Return BrainMap URL for a paper, eksp. or loc.


function s = brede_bm_url(userId, paperId, experimentId,locationId, varargin)


 brede_bm_url         - Return BrainMap URL for a paper, eksp. or loc. 

    function s = brede_bm_get_paper(userId, paperId, ...
          experimentId, locationId)

       Input:  userId        User identification number
               paperId       Paper number in the BrainMap database 
               experimentId  Number identifing the experiment
               locationId    Location (activation foci) Id 
                 Type        [ {Html} | tabulate ]

       Output: s        String containing the URL

       This function returns a string representing the URL for a
       BrainMap request, either to a paper, an experiment or a
       location. This URL can be used in a web request, eg, with
       the brede_web_url function.

       A user ID can be obtained from the homepage of BrainMap. It is
       not the name (eg, "fnielsen") that is to be inputted but
       rather the associated number! You should not use 89 which is
       Finn �up Nielsen's ID. It can be a bit difficult to decode
       the user ID from the URL - at the moment it has to be done
       manually by the user: A typically URL for a request to the
       BrainMap database looks like: 
       The URL gets the 128'th paper for the user 89, which is Finn
       �up Nielsen. When you get a BrainMap ID and you make a
       request in the BrainMap database your web-browser should
       display a URL, - then you should be able to read off your user ID.
       You can apply for a BrainMap user ID at:

       If there are no input arguments the URL for Research Imaging
       Center will be returned. 

       Ref: BrainMap, San Antonio, Texas, http://ric.uthscsa.edu

         url = brede_bm_url(89, 29); % user=fnielsen, paper=29
         s = brede_web_url(url, 'getmethod', 'perl')

         url = brede_bm_url(89, 128, 1) 
         web(url)                % Get an experiment by Haxby.

                BREDE_BM_GET_LOC, BREDE_WEB_URL.

 $Id: brede_bm_url.m,v 1.6 2002/01/08 14:12:21 fnielsen Exp $


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