General references

This ``cookbook'' describes the Brede Neuroinformatics Toolbox and the Brede Database. The toolbox may be found at

and the Brede database may be found on the following web-page:

The examples that follow will usually require the wobibs.mat to be downloaded. This is a Matlab data file that contains the most essential parts of the Brede database, and it is available from the above link.

Brede has been used and described in a number of articles and abstracts: [Nielsen, 2003,Nielsen and Hansen, 2000a,Nielsen and Hansen, 1999,Nielsen and Hansen, 2000b,Nielsen et al., 2000,Nielsen and Hansen, 2001,Nielsen, 2001,Nielsen and Hansen, 2002a,Nielsen and Hansen, 2002b,Nielsen and Hansen, 2002c,Nielsen and Hansen, 2004b,Nielsen and Hansen, 2004a,Nielsen et al., 2004,Nielsen et al., 2005,Nielsen et al., 2006]. These articles describes the mathematics behind Brede and applications using BrainMap and Brede databases. They do not describe how to work with the Brede Neuroinformatics Toolbox. A few other articles also contain plots made with the Brede Neuroinformatics Toolbox [Balslev et al., 2002] and [Gerlach, 2007, Figure 1]

Finn Årup Nielsen 2012-09-27