Brede Wiki for Personality Genetics

Id Gene Polymorphism Genotype Inventory Trait Mean Std Subj. Recruitment PMID Command
2204 DRD4bw Exon 3 VNTRbw long NEO PI-Rbw Activitybw 53.3 11.0 98 Heterosexual and homosexual Americans 8528258bp Edit Rev
2203 DRD4bw Exon 3 VNTRbw short/short NEO PI-Rbw Activitybw 54.0 9.0 217 Heterosexual and homosexual Americans 8528258bp Edit Rev
329 SLC6A4bw 5-HTTLPRbw short/short FCB-TIbw Activitybw 8.95 4.61 22 Polish female students 16966839bp Edit Rev
328 SLC6A4bw 5-HTTLPRbw long/short FCB-TIbw Activitybw 11.89 5.33 74 Polish female students 16966839bp Edit Rev
327 SLC6A4bw 5-HTTLPRbw long/long FCB-TIbw Activitybw 12.33 4.39 100 Polish female students 16966839bp Edit Rev

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Database of genetic polymorphisms and personality traits

This is an experimental fielded wiki as a database for the relations between genetic variations and personality as reported in the scientific literature.

Short help

Type in gene symbol, genetic polymorphism (e.g., SNP), genotype (e.g., A/G), inventory (e.g., NEO PI-R), trait (e.g., Neuroticism), the mean value of the genotype group investigated, the standard deviation, the number of subjects in the genotype group, who the persons in the group were, and PubMed identifier.

Use period as decimal point. Use no commas in text. Recognized abbreviations for inventories are: EPQ: Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, EPQ-R: Revised Eysenck Personality Questionnaire, KSP: Karolinska Scales of Personality, TCI: Temperament and Character Inventory, TPQ: Tridimensional Personality Questionnaire. For traits N, E, O, C, A, HA, NS, RD, P, SD, CO and ST will be expanded.


The collection is protected under European Union Database Directive 96/9/EC and released under GPL, GFDL, CC by-sa and Open Database License.


Lundbeck Foundation Center for Integrated Molecular Brain Imaging (CIMBI)
Finn Årup Nielsen, CIMBI, DTU Informatics.